Early on in my career, I learnt the importance of recruiting the right people for the organisation in which I worked. Not only did I look out for people with the right values, skills, know ledge and experience to work in the company, but also had an eye for how they would fit in with the culture and particular team they would be assigned to.

People often assume when a new employee doesn’t work out that the employee couldn’t do their job or had the right experience, but in my experience, it usually has something to do with the person’s personality and approach to the job and how they are welcomed by the team. That is why it is so important when recruiting that we appoint talent who fit the culture of the company because it can make it harder for those employees who do fit. This can lead to teamwork problems and eventually performance issues.

In the care industry, I acknowledge that staff can come and go from time to time but at Your Chapter we must continue with our values based recruitment to employ likeminded, values driven people with a passion to care at their very core.

Recently, we have welcomed a large number of new employees to the team who have all been selected via our values based recruitment practice. So it is important to consider that when recruiting in volume and integrating them into the workforce, this can also present potential problems.

In my role it is essential that the management team are on board to embrace this new talent into the workforce, but more importantly to ensure that their transition from the very start of their recruitment journey is seamless in order to achieve better retention.

“We attract great people to work in our business, now our focus is on retaining this talent by get.”

New employees at Your Chapter receive a great induction which includes all the necessary mandatory training required by law to work in the care sector, in addition to ensuring all necessary paperwork is completed and being assigned a buddy. It can be daunting for a new employee to join an experienced team, but it doesn’t have to be and that’s why we are communicating to the wider workforce, the importance of welcoming our new employees by displaying an excellent attitude underpinned by our core values, whether it be to one individual or a group of ten. By doing this, new employees will be engaged quickly and enjoy working in a company that heavily promotes its values to ensure the highest standards of care and support is delivered to our children.

Virginia Perkins, CEO of Your Chapter