Our Care

Your Chapter’s aim is to support and improve the lives for the young people we support, and we do this by supporting people to achieve their goals, in our welcoming and community-based residential care homes.

Working together to meet the holistic needs of children

We offer a wraparound service with clinical, educational and therapeutic care practitioners all working together to meet the holistic needs of individual children. Every child placed with Your Chapter has access to our bespoke ‘Well Being for Life’ clinical programme and a separate DfE registered school.

Our residential children’s homes provide person-centred care that focuses on maximising independence, building everyday living skills and empowering young people to live as fulfilled lives as possible.

They provide a welcoming and supportive environment where young people can feel at home and continue to do the things that they enjoy, supporting them on their journey by offering a safe and secure home.

Our staff receive regular clinical supervision and attend weekly multi-disciplinary team (MDT) meetings to ensure the focus remains on the children and improving outcomes. We use evidence-based practice and psychometric measures to track progress and outcomes over time enabling young people to develop, thrive and shine in their lives.

Choice and independence

Daily life in our residential homes is all about choice. Each and every young person that we support is unique – which means that their needs, goals and interests are too.

Our approach is personalised to the young people that we support – we work with them and health and social care professionals to decide how they want to live, and design a care plan that’s tailored to their needs and goals.

Life should always be filled with the things that you love doing – regardless of your condition or care need. And that’s exactly what we encourage at Your Chapter. We encourage and support young people to continue to do the things that they enjoy, as well as develop new hobbies, access education, play sports, and volunteering if they wish.

Most of our homes have between 4-8 young people, and are designed into family-friendly settings which promotes small group living. We’ve found that this approach provides a welcoming and supportive environment, which is more responsive to young people’s needs.

Our therapeutic approach to care

Many childhood mental health conditions are caused or exacerbated by experiencing trauma either as a result of neglect and abuse or due to a traumatic event in their life. As the number of children and young people in care continues to rise, it is often the cohort of older adolescents who have complex and overlapping education, health and social care needs that dominate the care sector. 

Your Chapter understand how to better meet the needs of adolescents who are either in or on the edge of care, criminalisation and/or hospitalisation. Our therapeutic model of support helps to stabilise these behaviours and begin the healing process so that we can help children and young people to achieve so much more.

Therapeutic care has been shown to help children displaying violent and disruptive behaviour often caused by childhood trauma and attachment disorder. The approaches used focus on helping children to understand their experiences and find alternative ways of expressing their anger, frustration and sadness.

Our care harnesses therapeutic approaches where our residential care team support children with a therapeutic perspective in their day-to-day work with young people. This includes having a better understanding of how young people’s experiences affect them, considering their emotional needs and fostering resilience.

The relationship children have with our residential care teams on a daily basis are the young people’s best chance of therapeutic experience to redress the impact of early trauma. Each of our homes creates a reliable and secure environment which is crucial, as is the ability for our team and young people to form strong relationships.

Each of our homes has an experienced Registered Manager, supported by an experienced and skilled home team including Care Assistants and Activities Coordinators, and led by our senior management team.

Everyone who lives in our homes also has access to our central clinical experts, Behaviour Support Specialists and Consultant Psychologists when required.

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