Recent celebrations at Your Chapter homes


Here at Your Chapter, we are pleased to celebrate the exceptional achievements across all of our homes.

As providers of care, educational and residential services for children and young people with a variety of complex needs, it is important to celebrate and recognise the amazing work across all of our branches.

We have three homes who have recently received their new Ofsted ratings.

We’re so proud to announce that our Lancashire children’s care home, Austen House, has just achieved an ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted rating. Austen House provides specialist therapeutic care and education for up to four young males at any one time.

The Ofsted report read: “Children living at this home are cared for by an extremely passionate, committed and stable staff team.” It also mentioned that the staff provide a: “nurturing, comfortable and welcoming environment” that “supports the needs of children.”

Austen House is part of the Gang and Radicalisation Intervention Program (GRIP) homes. GRIP services provide placements for young people who have been criminally exploited to operate in gangs and also young people at risk of being radicalised.

The young residents at Austen House told the Ofsted inspectors: “This is the best children’s home I have ever lived in. I know the staff really do care,” and “the managers are like a supportive mum and dad…The managers and staff are my family.”

One child highlighted: “The staff are helping us to make changes in our lives for the better”.

Another child said: “For the first time, I feel like someone has my back.”

Adam Stubbens, registered manager, said: “We are beyond proud of our recent Outstanding Ofsted rating. The whole team is so dedicated to improving the lives of these young people.

“We’re so glad they know we’ve got their backs, because we really do. That is exactly what we’re here for. To make life that little bit easier and give them the best chance possible.”

The Ofsted report stated that Adam “knows each of the children well, and he has created a warm and nurturing environment’ and that the ‘staff are child-centred in their approach… And speak positively about the manager as being a strong, supportive and caring leader.”

We are also celebrating Ribbleton House children’s home based in Preston who has just improved its Ofsted rating from ‘Requires Improvement’ to ‘Good’.

The home provides care placements for children and young people who have suffered abuse and trauma, which has led to involvement in the criminal justice system.

Finally, we are celebrating Mill Lodge children’s home based in Lancashire, who have recently also received their ‘Good’ Ofsted rating.

Two young people live at Mill Lodge, where they are provided with a combination of clinical, educational and caring support, and an alternative to custody.

Ben Penswick has been the registered manager at Mill Lodge since April 2022, and said: “There is still quite the stigma attached to looking after children and young people who need this type of support, but there is no job as rewarding as knowing you are helping a vulnerable child and our ‘Good’ rating really means the world to us.

“Our home supports young people who have suffered trauma and abuse which has meant they have become involved in the criminal justice system at a very young age. But we know that the work we do helps to better their lives, and help secure brighter futures.”

Well done to these three amazing homes in Lancashire show continue to deliver exceptional services every day!